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What we Do

Reghetti-to-move is an all-encompassing moving concierge company that allows our clients to move painlessly and seamlessly to their new home and state without the incredible stresses a move often entails. From introducing a RTM (Reghetti-to-move) vetted agent to organizers, packing teams, movers, fur baby transport, car delivery, utility-hook ups, to a thoughtfully stocked fridge when you show up to your new home—we’ve got you covered. Our referral agents go through a 21-question vetting process. They are not just selling homes and walking away. They are a part of their community and want to help their clients feel welcome in their new surroundings. After all, it’s their home, too! Whether you need a local organizer to prepare your home, the best spots to take the kids, a local dog walker, the best hairstylist, Church, or Healthy places to eat and shop. We’ve thought of it all.


How do we get paid?

When we refer you to an agent we get a referral fee. This referral fee comes out of the commission that is paid to the agent via the seller. This is standard in the real estate industry, the difference is most agents will refer you to an agent in another state, the property closes, they collect their referral check, and call you to say congrats on your new home. Ciao.

Should you need more involvement, such as traveling to preview homes, hands-on hiring help in your new state, etc, this would be at an extra cost. This will all be covered in our initial consultation.



How did Reghetti-to-Move get its start?

For years I would see agents referring agents to their clients that were moving out of state, and then get the referral agreement executed and do nothing else. Then one day a client said to me:

“I want you to know that I have bought and sold more than 20 homes in my life and you are the only agent that stayed involved in the process and made sure that everything was moving along in the right direction. The agent I used for several years would refer me to agents in other cities and states and I wouldn’t hear a word until I got a call to say congrats on your new home. This agent did however refer me to you so at least I was referred to a quality agent. But when you referred me to an agent, and then checked in to see how the deal was going, I was taken aback. And the real kicker was when I arrived at my new home in Colorado to find a package with everything one would need immediately when waiting on all of their belongings to arrive. I thorough it was from the agent that sold me the house, but it was from you. You really have something special here, Jordan. You have a gift for going above and beyond.”


Work With Jordan

From A to Z, Jordan's a point-checker, she takes the anxiety off of her clients so they can do what they need with their careers and family to make a move.